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Cotton Hammock

THAM 112
Cotton Hammock

 Size: (cm) XL: 150 x 200
L:   125 x 200
M:  105 x 200
S    90 x 200
385 Overall
 Material  Mixed cotton and polyester
 Include:  Ropes ended
 with shackles
 Color:  White
 Capacity:  Two average size people (170 kgs.) for XL,L size
 One average size people for M,S size
XL: 9.5 kgs/34 x 26/160 cm
L: 7.5 kgs./29 x 26/133 cm
M: 7 kgs/23 x 24/114 cm
S: 6 kgs/23 x 24/104 cm
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