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Hammock Swing Chair ŭǹ
       All of our products are hand-made weaving products which have been adapted from lace design as I am good at and really doting in lace making.
       I like hammock since I was in my childhood. After learning, I noticed that there were only two kinds of hammock sold worldwide. One is made of "fabric" which doesn't have elasticity. The other is made of "tied rope" which is too much elastic and there are many knots that press our backs when we lie on.
         I then tried to learn and adapt the lace designs in order to get new suitable designs. We had tested them until we got our wonderful perfect design of "Hammock", "Swing Chair" and "Basket Love Seat ". With their softness, they can comfortably support your back. Their great design with gentle and classic old style will make you think of the time to lie down in your back yard and sip your drink (maybe tea or what ever you like) in a relax afternoon. How Romantic !!!
       Our small workshop (small in size, but not small in quality) includes of housewives who had never have their own income. But today, they have been trained for weaving job and are working happily. They will come to work with their babies that lie down beside them and listen to native songs, while they are working. In the afternoon, some of them will go to pick up their children from primary schools. When they come back, they always teach their children to do homework, while doing their weaving works. If it is in a vacation period, some areas in our small workshop will be reserved for children to play in the eyes of mothers. There are some workers that work at home and bring the products back when finish.
       That's why we don't want big orders, since our workers will not be able to produce large volume like machines. As mentioned, every products from us is really made by hand with happy and proud hearts of workers from the beginning through the end.
       In the present, our production capacity is about 5,000 pieces/year. We are pleased to sell both directly to end-users and to small retail shops. (To obtain wholesale prices, minimum combination order of 12 pieces are accepted.
 Hammock Swing Chair ŭǹ By Hammat Sby Ltd.,Part.

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